Meet the Smiths

Family of six in navy and pink with a white background.

Hi there! We’re the Smiths, a Midwestern, creative entrepreneurial family of six doing our best to love Jesus, love one another, and follow our dreams. Our life is anything but typical. It’s loud and messy and chaotic. There are no 9-5 schedules, no monthly employer-given, guaranteed paychecks, and no shortage of  craziness, but we’re in it together and we’re learning as we go! This blog is really just a way to chronicle our wild and weird life. No sugar coating it, we promise honesty and authenticity and the ability to laugh at the crazy. We vow to share our hearts, our home, our hacks, and whole lot of cute kid photos.

Our names are Brittany + Michael, but you can call us Britt + Smit. We’re musicians by trade, who spent more than half of our lives in full-time ministry. We married young and discovered we were expecting our first baby shortly after our first anniversary. It turned our world upside down in the best of ways, and in an unexpected turn of events, led us to forge our love of storytelling into a thriving photography and videography business. We love that we get to live a creative lifestyle and better yet, that we get to do it together. Four kids later, we’re always caught in the balance of this freelance life and the need for structure in the middle of the insanity.

Adelyn, age 9, is our beautiful firstborn. She is fiery and strong-willed and passionate. This girl came into the world headstrong and determined and has never looked back. A highly sensitive, gifted kiddo, she’s brilliantly intelligent and never ceases to amaze us! Her interests include dance, robotics, coding + computers, and scheming business ideas for her future entrepreneurial ventures. She wants to be a graphic designer or an author/illustrator when she grows up.

Elsie, age 7, is our bighearted, extroverted, second babe. She loves fiercely and is always looking for ways to bless someone around her. She has no fear and was born with a deep spirit of courage and adventure! Ask us about her toddler years sometime…it’s a miracle we all made it through with minimal injury to ourselves or our home! She is hilariously quick-witted, so smart, and always keeps us on our toes. She makes friends in an instant and her love language is 100% gift-giving. She loves creating art, writing and singing songs, and playing with her siblings. She wants to be a music teacher when she grows up.

Cohen is 3 years old and is the most incredible gift we never knew we needed. After deciding we were done having kids, God surprised us with this gentle, sweet boy. Cohen is such a light to everyone he encounters. A little snuggle bug with an innate sense of empathy, he hates to see people upset and is always looking for ways to help. His wide-eyed, toothy smile is the best and he can light up any room with his little giggle. He loves music, any sort of vehicle, and his big sister and best buddy, Addy. I don’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but I 100% believe he will be a world changer with whatever he does.

Callan, now 20 months old, is our most unexpected blessing. When we found out we were pregnant with him, Cohen was only 10 months old and we questioned how we would do 2 babes just 18 months apart. We thought for sure he was a girl, but were over the moon when we found out we’d have another little guy in our house. During my pregnancy, it became abundantly clear that Cal clearly has a mind of his own. Determined to come in his own way, we’re already convinced that he’s a feisty, spirited babe. Callan loves his mama and his milk. He’s growing faster than we can keep up with already and we’re learning all we can about him each day. Since he’s already shown he’s opinionated, we’re praying he’s a strong leader and voice for this messy, broken world! We love him and can’t wait to watch him grow!