Love Grows in the Tension

The motherhood journey, woven through and through with all the intricacies of endless emotion, is a complicated spectrum of wonder and fear. It is, in every stage, fraught with growing pains of some kind, pushing and pulling, giving and taking. God created women, created mothers, to be a dichotomy, beings with the capacity to carry both beauty and pain simultaneously. He gave us the power to hold all of these things, to feel all of these things, and to let Love grow in the tension.  

Adelyn Maelie Susan | a birth story

*Adelyn’s birth story was first featured on my former blog, Display Your He{art}, in 2012. In honor of her 8th birthday this week, I thought I’d share her birth story here on our new blog. To be honest, her birth was fairly traumatic, and I don’t think that when I wrote this post the first […]

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