Meet the Smiths – all SIX of us!

Hi friends! Welcome to our brand new family blog, Six Smith Story! I’m Brittany, wife to Smitty, and mama to four beautiful littles, Adelyn, Elsie, Cohen, and Callan. We’re a busy, creative entrepreneurial family based in the Midwest where we own and operate two businesses, Kairos Photography and Kairos Creative. We love Jesus, pizza + family game night, and planning our next adventure together! Our life is crazy, but our love is big and that’s enough for us!

When Smitty and I first started dating, I was a fairly consistent blogger, sharing much of my heart behind ministry, being a creative, and life in general. I kept up with it for several years after we got married and started having babies, but eventually, it took its place in the back corner behind our busy life and that was that. As our family has grown and our life has blossomed into something we never dreamed it would be, I’ve often found myself wishing I did a better job of writing and sharing our story. But let’s be honest, life with a lot of kids is hard. Life with a lot of kids and multiple businesses is even harder. And I just haven’t wanted the pressure of starting a blog again. I feel like I’m already drowning a bit in unmet expectations and to add one more thing to it felt foolish and frankly, a set up for failure.

On the other hand, I know that our story is worth sharing. Our life is anything but typical. We have odd schedules and crazy dreams and too many loads of laundry. Our story is imperfect and messy and chaotic, but beautiful just the same. And for much of the past year, I’ve felt this pulling at my heart to be intentional with sharing it.

So here I am, pushing past the expectations I know I’ll never meet, letting go of the imperfections I already see scattered throughout this site, and stepping over the virtual threshold once more, ready to write.

I can’t promise a post every day or even once a week, but what I can guarantee is that I will use this space as a platform for honesty. To acknowledge that parenthood is the hardest blessing we’ll ever be given. To laugh at our failures and misadventures. To divulge our life hacks and favorite recipes and creative projects. To mark milestones and document dreams and cultivate community. But ultimately, to share our story. To say that our (not so) little family of six, in all of its weird and wild, has many more chapters to write and I want to be the one to do it.

So, I hope you stick around. I hope you say hello and join in. I hope you sense the solidarity and are encouraged. And I hope you know that you have a story too and that is what unites us. Page by page, chapter by chapter, blog post by blog post, we’re all in this life together, and this is just one small way to say so.

I’d love to know that you’re here, so leave a comment below and say hello! And if you want to get to know us a bit better too, head over to the About Us page! Oh, and you can follow our blog or find us on Instagram too! We’re just getting started, friends!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Smiths – all SIX of us!

  1. I am really looking forward to this not-so-new adventure of yours. Thank you for the coming honesty and laughs! 😊


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